Family Life Education receives $5,000 grant from Liberty Bank
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Liberty Bank photo
Family Life Education received a $5,000 grant award from the Liberty Bank Foundation for its work in achieving equitable outcomes for low-income women and minority families through its Family Center Programs.
  Participants in the Family Center program face a formidable backdrop of existing racial disparities and ingrained cultural barriers. Minority group parents living below the poverty line have an uphill battle to change their circumstances.
  The FC program formally introduces all enrolled parents to principles of self-awareness, personal responsibility, and empowerment which, according to Albert Bandura, allow self-efficacy to emerge. Ultimately, the FC program objective is to coach, mentor, and educate parents in these self-efficacy skills, as achieving these will affect their life course long after their time in the program is completed.
  Prepared with self-efficacy beliefs, parents more quickly discover their “voice” and the inner strength to challenge thinking that renders them helpless and dependent on the existing societal structures. The change in thinking leads to new confidence in their abilities to achieve successful outcomes.